The Lawkchain Whitepaper

To those who are tired of hearing the word “Blockchain;” to the people who want to get involved in this new craze, but want to pursue it with reason; to the people who believe that they can make a living by understanding what cryptocurrency REALLY is; this is the website for you. Every week the Lawkchain team will be covering price changes, new companies, safe products, and law developments in Blockchain, to ensure that you are safe from the thieves, the fakes, and the flawed companies. This is only the beginning, and by joining the Lawkchain newsletter, you will be ahead of the cryptocurrency craze. You will be moving forward with a steady head because you will be updated regularly, and you won’t be swept away from bitcoin fantasy. Along with cryptocurrency updates, you will receive motivational quotes related to investing and crypto. This is a community founded on principle and dreams, but we want everyone in this unique community to learn how to use crypto currency properly. Thank you so much for checking out our first blog, and welcome to the Lawkchain community.


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